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Not happy with the state of your hair? The Aura Smoothing Treatment is the way to make you feel fabulous again. With incredible new biotechnology, it’s able to add shine, decrease frizz, intensely hydrate, and smooth all in one treatment. If you’re not happy with how dry or frizzy your hair looks, the Aura Smoothing Treatment is your saving grace.

How Does Aura Work?

AURA is made with a premium complex of hyaluronic acid. It is obtained through a biotechnological method that is safe and respectful of the environment. Applying this premium hyaluronic acid to hair offers incredible and intense hydration and protection.

What Does Aura Mean for Me?

For you, Aura means quick and easy styling, less treatments every week, and less maintenance for your hair in general. Aura smooths and decreases frizz, so you won't be needing to add your usual amount of heat or styling products to tame the unruly beast, saving you time, and saving your hair from a lot of unnecessary heat damage.

Benefits of Aura

Choosing Aura for your hair might be one of the easiest decisions you'll make! Aura is NOT a chemically straightening treatment, it is a smoothing treatment, which means even for the curly haired hunnys out there this treatment will enhance and work with your curl - rather than destroying it. 

The benefits of Aura; 
  • Increase hair's shine by 46%

  • Softens hair by 61%

  • It reduces adhesion of polluting particles by 28%

  • Increase hydration by 189 times

  • Brush and style hair with ease

  • Prevent breakage and hair damage 

  • See and feel results for up to 4-6 months

  • Reduce frizz by 25%

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