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Are you ready for a new look? More length? or Thickness? A colour change without the risk of damage? Hair extensions may be the next best thing for you. 

At The Hair & The Hunny, we offer only high-end, luxury extension methods. The weft extension is the most advanced extension technology on offer. We provide both the classic weft and genius weft, paired with the flat track weft beading method or the invisible bead method.


Quality Extensions

Our hair is 100% human European REMY hair!  What is so good about ‘remy’ hair? 

Remy hair is the highest quality hair, every strand is laying the same direction from root-to-tip. If the hair is not laying the same way, the cuticle layer on each strand is not aligned, causing knotting, matting and damage to the hair. Remy hair has one source/donor, meaning the hair in your weft is consistent. Remy hair has the best shine and the longest lifespan. You can be sure your investment is worth while, we guarantee you will be impressed with the quality of your hair extensions!

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Considering extensions but not sure where to start or how they work? Book a consultation with us via our online bookings site! We will provide you with a thorough understanding of how hair extensions work, physical samples of hair and a complete guide on aftercare so you can understand what you’re investing in! 

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What is a weft & how is it applied?

A weft is a collection of hair strands woven on to a fine strip to create a “weft” of hair. Our hair is premium quality, ethically sourced & 100% human European Remy Hair.

How is it applied?
On average, a client will select between 1-3 wefts (in some cases more) depending on the desired end result. You stylist will create 1-3 beaded tracks on your scalp using silicone beads, this provides the foundation to attach the weft. The track is usually a halo shape following the shape of the head, meaning you get the most comfortable, even coverage. Then using clips to position the weft in place, it is gently sewn to the beads with a needle and thread. There is no glue adhesive. No glue means no mess, no fuss, and no potential to damage your natural hair with harsh chemicals.

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Classic weft vs. Genius weft

The classic weft, also known as a volume weft, is thicker at the seam. This weft type adds volume to the hair easily, sitting fuller against the scalp. A great way to add fullness and thickness to your hair, creating the ultimate voluminous results.

The genius weft is very thin at the seam and sits incredibly flat against the scalp. The genius weft is the most advanced weft technology, due to its thin nature, i can comfortably add multiple layers & colours of weft into just one row. This results in the most dimensional & natural blend possible! When paired with the invisible-bead method, it’s by far the most comfortable and natural looking extension method on the market.

for YOU

Did you know that less than 20% of extension experts truly grasp the art of seamlessly blending and custom coloring extensions to make them virtually invisible with your own hair? We’re proud to be part of that select few, offering you a rare and top-quality service.

Perfectly executed extensions can be life-transforming, boosting your confidence to new heights. We take the time to customise yourextensions to fit YOUR needs. This includes a customised extension placement, haircut and colouir to suit your hair desires.

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